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Are you looking for a quick-to-install sectional door drive for simple applications, for example in small and medium-sized industrial halls, workshops, craftsmen's enterprises, distribution centers, or loading bays? A drive that also fulfills your stringent requirements for an industrial product? The VTA offers the perfect full package!

Discover our first model from a new generation of premium commercial door drives with a DC motor. Thanks to its DC technology, you can easily put the VTA to work anywhere around the world without needing to perform any modifications. It is equipped with an integrated control system which works with almost any application without requiring an external controller.

With the plug-in VTA, you don't need help from anyone. The new DC commercial door drive is programmed in three easy steps. It is equipped with modern, energy-saving switching power supply units and can be connected to all single-phase voltage sources around the world.

The 24 V DC motor of the new VTA commercial door drive runs extremely quietly in comparison to conventional single-phase 230 V AC drives. Despite this, it is strong enough to move sectional doors measuring up to 18 square meters.

The VTA is manufactured using high-quality components, such as an industrial worm gear unit made of bronze. This makes it particularly durable and fault-proof. Furthermore, it is equipped with an automatic force cut-off and can be used with a door surface of up to 14 square meters without active safety components.

You can easily and cost-effectively outfit the new VTA DC commercial door drive with a battery backup from Marantec. Furthermore, emergency operation of the sectional door is possible via a chain, crank, or unlocking mechanism. This ensures operational safety at all times.

Thanks to its DC motor, the new VTA commercial door drive features soft starts and stops. This is easy on the door and gearbox and ensures a long service life for the individual components. When closing, the door speed can be slowed down in the hazard zone, thereby reducing the forces generated in the event of a collision.

Install the VTA on your commercial door, and your customer can look forward to a significantly longer power-on time in comparison to a single-phase 230 V AC. Approx. 20 cycles per hour are possible. This makes it ideal for use in small and medium-sized industrial halls, workshops, craftsmen's establishments, distribution centers, and loading bays.

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With our innovative drive concept, we at MFZOvitor are forging new paths and offering our customers a true alternative to smaller alternating current drives. The plug-in VTA drive impresses in comparison with its quick installation, compact dimensions, and quiet operation.

Dirk Wesseling, Technical Director, MFZOvitor

VTA 14-61: Features at a glance

  • Designed for spring balanced sectional doors of up to 18 m² (at 13 kg/m²)
  • No active closing edge safety device necessary for doors of up to 14 m²
  • Integrated control system
  • Force limiter in OPEN and CLOSE directions
  • Soft start and soft stop are easy on the door and reduce repair costs
  • Smart running allows for traversal with high closing speed above standard measurement height
  • Easy parameterization of variable speeds
  • All unlocking and emergency actuation modes of the tried-and-tested STA series available
  • No type B residual current circuit breaker necessary
  • Supply: 230 V 1PH
  • Quiet running without the use of frequency inverters
  • Integrated digital limit switches
  • "works with maveo": Connection via Bluetooth possible (still in development)
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Technical data VTA 14-61

Drive torque

25 Nm

Rated speed

24 min-1

Static holding torque

400 Nm

Motor power

0.3 kW

Operating voltage

110 - 240 V

Mains frequency

50/60 Hz

Max. output rpm


Hollow gear shaft

25.4 mm

Emergency operation

E | KU | KE

Control voltage

24 V DC

Current draw

2.2 A


20 (at an ambient temperature of 60 C°)

Protection class

IP 54

Temperature range

-20/+ 60 °C

Supply for ext. elements

100 mA

Weights (E | KU | KE)

8 | 8 | 9 kg


Standard sectional doors 
with cylindrical cable drum


Door size (max.)

18 m²

Door weight (max.)

234 kg

Maximum cable drum Ø

< 160 mm

Vertical lift sectional doors
with conical cable drum


Door size (max.)

10 m²

Door weight (max.)

130 kg

Maximum cable drum Ø

< 220 mm

High lift sectional doors
with cylindrical-conical cable drum


Door size (max.)

18 m²

Door weight (max.)

234 kg

Maximum cable drum Ø

< 160 mm cylindrical
< 200 mm conical

Programming the drive even easier?

Put the VTA into operation comfortably with your Smartphone! Simply download the "maveo pro" app for this purpose. After mounting the drive, you can carry out all settings on your smartphone with just a few clicks.

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The installation of the VTA is a quick affair. You can simply insert the drive over the shaft, attach it to the wall with the torque support, install the three-way switch, and immediately put it into operation with the app maveo pro. Thanks to the high self-locking effect, a spring fracture safety device is not necessary.

Frank Johanningsmeier, Technical Customer Support, MFZOvitor